Wear a horseshoe and nail and have luck without fail.

About me

I make software. Most recently I led the UI development team at Splunk, where we pioneered the first big data product that brought data input, map reduce, and search and reporting into a single solution. During the 2012 presidential election, I joined the Obama campaign and built web applications for barackobama.com, and then data collection services for the Florida field team. My other popular projects include the del.icio.us direc.tor, and the Gmail Agent API. See my work page for all the glorious details.

I live in San Francisco and am an unapologetic foodie because of it. If you ask, I'll be certain to give an opinion on just about anything culinary. Restaurants that run TV ads? Blah, why would you eat there? Best way to have a negroni? Shaken, not stirred. Best pizza in San Francisco? I've reviewed and ranked all the good ones.

I post to this site when the inspiration comes. If you're looking for more from me, you can find me around the web:

A long time ago, I posted a tutorial on how to change the front brakes on an Audi A4. It still gets a bunch of hits so I'm stashing the link here.


This site is a testing ground for various web technologies. It's currently a mix of nginx, Varnish, MySQL, Python, and Cheetah. The blog is powered by Wordpress while the photo gallery and the rest of the site are custom bits. Some nifty fonts are being provided by Typekit. The whole thing is hosted at Linode, with CDN services powered by Rackspace Cloud.

If you don't really participate in the whole “social web” thing, you can always reach my via my contact form. A bike messenger will then courier your communiqué to me.